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Amped Integral Grip Line Standard Weave – IGL HPA Grip Line (Jack) Black & Beige


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The Amped Integrated Grip Line or IGL is Amped Airsoft’s original solution for replacing the weak and flimsy macro line that typically powers HPA conversion for airsoft replicas.

The Amped IGL is available with fittings compatible with most HPA units on the market from manufactures like Polarstar, Redline, Wolverine and Protech.

The Amped IGL is constructed from a durable, widebore line and is available in many different colours. lifetime-limited warranty against manufacture defects.

Additional Information:

Carries a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Each line is quality control tested after being assembled.

Available in many different colorways to make your lines unique to YOU!

Durable nylon sheathing adds color to your line and protects it from damage without compromising its flexibility

Utilizes industry standard FOSTERS fittings.

Installation Tips:

We suggest using a 1/2 inch drill bit to enlarge the hole in the grip plate or remove the grip plate entirely for proper fitment of the AGL.

You may have to increase the hole size of your upper grip motor hole to accommodate the size of the line. This may or may not be a requirement depending on your blaster

Additional information


Mint, Pink, Red, Black Red Spiral


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