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TechT Gun Sav Premium Grease


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TechT Gun Sav Grease has been used exclusively by PolarStar for over a decade and is the grease we recommend to lubricate all of our HPA engines and regulators. This grease has outperformed all others we have tried under every condition. You can’t beat it.

Lubricating with a high performance grease is vital to the performance of your HPA system. Gun Sav is the SLICKEST, most high performance, broad spectrum paintball grease on the market. Most grease that is designed for airsoft guns is for lubricating gears so the grease is very thick. This will actually slow down the movement of internal components making your system perform sluggishly which can lead to malfunctions. Grease such as that is not designed for HPA applications and can get thick in cold weather, gummy in hot weather, and pasty in dry conditions. All of which rob you of performance. TechT Gun Sav was designed to stand up to every playing condition. It will not thicken, gum, paste, or thin.

One tub of TechT Gun Sav will last you years even with all season play since it sticks to surfaces so well that one should really only need to lubricate their system every 30,000 – 50,000 shots.


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